Extended Abstracts

Where do I go to submit an abstract?

You need to create an account here and then submit the abstract here.

Is there a deadline for uploading an extended abstract?

Please upload your extended two-page abstract no later than 31st May 2022.

What is the difference between the short abstract and the Extended abstract?

The short abstract has a 500 word limit (figures are allowed) and is pasted directly into the Abstract Summary box (there is no template). During the conference this will be available directly through the website linked into the programme, for delegates to obtain quick information about your talk or poster contribution.  In parallel we are currently accepting extended abstracts.  These are produced from a template as a pdf file (the length is up to you but is typically two pages).  These will be available as a link from your short abstract, for delegates who would like to obtain more detailed information.  They will also be collated together with a DOI number after the conference and distributed to all delegates, as a permanent record of the science during the conference.  Finally, the extended abstracts will also be used to determine the winner of the Royal Society of Chemistry poster prize award.

Is there a template for the extended abstract?

The template for an extended abstract can be downloaded here : Carbon 2022_conf_template V3.rtf. Extended abstracts are not compulsory but strongly recommended, making it easier for other delegates to find your work. The way to download this template is to right-click with the mouse on the link (or on a macintosh, hold down the button), and pick "save link as". This downloads the file, then you can open it with word from the Downloads folder. Once you have created your extended abstract from the template, please export it as a pdf file.

How do I upload my extended abstract to the website?
Log in to the C2022 Website with your email address and password. In the menu at the top right of the page, click on My Submissions:

You will be presented with a list of abstracts for which you are author or co-author.  Click on the title of the one that you want to add an extended abstract:

You can now edit the abstract, including the title and short abstract contents.  There should be a large blue button at the bottom saying "Update".  If this is not present, your abstract may have the status "accepted" rather than "accepted with modifications".  In this case, please email us and we will change the abstract status for you.

Save your extended abstract as "Extended-abstract-{abstract ID}.pdf", e.g."Extended-abstract-C2022-001.pdf".

Scroll down the abstract page just below the Abstract Summary (where you entered your short abstract), to the question Do you wish to submit an extended abstract?*. Click either Yes or No (your can change your selection later). If you click Yes, a new option "Extended abstract" will appear. Click on the "Browse" button to upload your extended abstract (there is a limit of 10 MB, let us know if your file is larger). Select the pdf file from your local disk and it will be automatically uploaded.  If you receive an error saying that Upload is not possible at this time, it means your abstract has "accepted" status and cannot be edited. Please email us and we will change it to "accepted with modifications".

Finally, don't forget to click the 'UPDATE' Button in Blue at the bottom of the page! Otherwise your changes will not be saved. It looks like this:

Once you are happy with this revised abstract and the extended abstract is uploaded, please email us (carbon2022.bcg@gmail.com) and let us know the abstract ID, and we will change the abstract status back to "accepted".

Why am I blocked from uploading my extended abstract?

When abstracts have "accepted" status they cannot be edited. We are currently opening the abstracts to "accepted with revision".  This will allow you to upload your extended abstract and edit the short abstract if necessary.  Once you have completed this and are happy with the upload, please email us at carbon2022.bcg@gmail.com and we will move the abstract back to "accepted" status again.

If I do not want to submit an extended abstract?

Extended abstract is completely optional, although we recommend submitting one. Please select an option 'No' if you do not want to submit an extended abstract.

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